Welcome to the Pandora.com MCE plugin page

Check out the Pandora plugin for MCE created by Colin. I made a little twist on it and added it to my Dreamhost Webhotell.

How to install and uninstall the Pandora plugin

To install

Download this xml file: more.xml [right click -> Save As] to C:\Windows\ehome\more.xml

Open a command prompt and run the following commands:

  1. C:\>cd \Windows\ehome
  2. C:\Windows\ehome\>RegisterMCEApp.exe /allusers more.xml

To uninstall

C:\Windows\ehome\>RegisterMCEApp.exe /u /allusers more.xml

How to use

  1. Open up My Music
  2. Find a record and press Info button on your remote
  3. Choose More...
  4. Click on the "Find more music like this"

You can use the same on music tracks...

A big hand for Colin for making this great plugin. I modified the xml and added some iframes...